It is the 100th year of the Fifth Era and Tamriel is at the brink of yet another crisis. After the Stormcloak rebellion liberated Skyrim from Imperial rule in 4E 201 borders where hastily fortified and the entire province went under lockdown. During this time the Empire also suffered another defeat, this time being in the form of the successful assassination of Emperor Titus Mede II. With no leadership the Empire was open directly for the taking, and without hesitation the Imperial Ruling Counsel was set up and is primarily run by the Aldemeri Dominion. As the war for Skyrim's independence rages on both Morrowind and Blackmarsh are beginning to show their discontent with the Aldemeri Dominion and the beginnings of a weary alliance between the two are starting to from. Each faction knows that the war must end soon or else the entire continent will erupt into a blood soaked battle field Tamriel has not seen since the Second Era.

A Cold Winter in Skyrim